I Shouldn't Close My Eyes

by Pete Something

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There is a Pennyroyal pebble placed precariously on point.
And if you don't get that statement c'mon man hit this joint...
I say a lot of shit often enough that the loudness often drown itself out.
And all I'm left with is stuttering parts which put most people out.

Sing okay?

My friend he has the vowels wrapped up in his tongue,
and when he finally gets them unraveled it helps him to get along
but me I'm left with all the consonants constantly sucking on.
Hard edges, hard edges of words which worm their way to the front
and puts most people off.

Sometimes I like to watch you, watch you while you sleep.
I think of all the opposites of those tender movements and,
you look out the window instead of at me.
and I can't even speak.
and actually I've been worn pretty thin.
thanks again for letting me in.

I end up creating a multiverse in my head
on the right side of my bed
And your still asleep, and I can't breathe.
And I can't help but listen to you breathe in.
And I've probably written down more than I should.
And I can't sleep.
And i can't sleep,
sleep alone.
Hope you don't mind the tone.
And I can't even close my eyes.


released June 3, 2015
~~~~Special thanks to pete as always.
~~~Thanks to Jess Jones and Nick Avery of Madstop Records.
~~Thanks to the dopest Laura Garnero for her feet and cover art.

~Thanks to Mike Bruns and Dad Culture Records for the recording, mixing, mastering and all other things associated with spending more than 5 hours of time with the band.

~A big TY to all our loving friends keeping it cool.~
~An even bigger TY to our moms and our dads too, cuz you know birth.~



all rights reserved


Pete Something Potsdam, New York

Will Suarez- Bass/Vocals

Liam Kingsley-

Luke Butterfield-

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